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Comment to be added!  Please tell me a little about yourself in your comment.  As long as we share something in common, I will add you!  I also like friends who comment on my entries, even if it is just once in awhile ♥

A bit about me:
+ My name is Melissa.
+ I am 24.  I'll be turning 25 this year (yikes!)
+ I married my best friend back in May (5/12/2011) and we moved to Texas literally 2 days after the wedding.
+ My husband is a soldier in the U.S. Army and we are about to go through our first deployment together.
+ I am a registered nurse working on a busy cardiac/telemetry/ICU-stepdown unit.  I love my job!  I work night shift.
+ I'm very nerdy and geeky!  Most people don't know that about me at first, haha. 
+ I love video games!
+ I love shorts because they're easy and comfortable to wear. :D
+ I have a Yoshi & Hello Kitty obsession.
+ I also have a biiiig coffee obsession.  Instant nurse?  Just add coffee.
+ If I didn't work as a nurse, I would either be a biologist/marine biologist, dolphin/whale trainer, or a food critic.
+ I love to cook.  I cannot wait to move out of this apartment and hopefully have a larger kitchen to cook in :)
+ I have a Pinterest addiction.  Come follow me HERE.
+ Overall, I feel like I'm a pretty easy-going, down-to-earth person. 

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i need your help!

k so there's this wedding that i'm going to on may 17th and i need a dress...i haven't really been to the mall lately because i haven't had the time so this is what i found online...i think black is perfectly acceptable, too. i actually wore black at the last one and it was fine - white, on the other hand...i understand. anyway please tell me what you think of these (and maybe tell me your favorite?) i'm at such a loss right now!

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